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Why McFalls Academy

Small School, BIG Impact


At McFalls Academy, we think outside the box and don’t limit our instruction to the social constructs of school as we often know it.

Small Family-Like Environment 

Think of it this way: Homeschool outside of the home with children from various families. In a small setting, students form deeper relationships with peers and teachers and develop more confidence with sharing their ideas and taking risks.

Student-Led Personalized Instruction 

Students are free to progress through the curriculum at their own pace, taking more time when needed and being able to move on when ready. Targeted Literacy and Math concepts are taught one-on-one and in small groups that are determined by student needs and not standardized age-based grades.


Learning groups are fluid allowing for changes to be made as often as needed based on the skill/concept being taught and as student needs change.


Multi-Age Environment

Reasons why mixed-age grouping supports students:


  • Academic competition is removed from the classroom.

  • Students are not labeled according to ability.

  • The pace of learning is individualized.

  • Students develop a sense of family at school.

  • Students are viewed as unique individuals.

  • Self-esteem blossoms. 

  • Students develop real-world social skills.

  • Older students are given more opportunities to learn by teaching and leading.

Nature-Based Learning Experiences

Outdoor learning experiences are scientifically proven to have many benefits. Outdoor learning experiences support holistic development of children, develop self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem, provide positive health benefits and develop a lifelong love of the outdoors.


Process over Product

Learning is often a messy and gradual process that doesn’t fit into the rigidness of traditional grading systems. At McFalls Academy, students are provided a balance of structure and spontaneity where they can make choices about their learning within healthy boundaries.


We value the lessons learned and experiences gained from the processes that students take to reach learning goals as much as the accomplishments themselves. Students are free to enjoy the journey without the pressure of letter grades or standardized tests increasing the likelihood that they will develop a lifelong love for learning.

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